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Why should you get your Class A CDL with Veriha?

You could be smiling this big when you get your Class A CDL! 

No Regrets
Just Paychecks!

You are hired as a paid, full time employee from day one. You earn $120 per day up to $600 week for the first 3 weeks.  

Upon starting your in-cab training you will be paid $150 per day up to $750.

Once you are solo you are eligible for $900 guaranteed pay! 

But that is just the start of your earning potential! 

  •  If you show-up to all classes on-time and pass your CDL test on the first attempt - you get an additional $0.02 per mile
  • Monthly Safety & Operational Performance Review where you are eligible to receive a $0.01-$.03 per mile pay increase each month for your first 6 months. 
  •  Also! Monthly potential to receive $25 - $50 Guaranteed Pay increase for your first 6 months. 
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